Personal Narrative: Death Of A Nurse

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It was the morning of August29,2005,as we sit in the fourth floor of the hospital room my mother is in, all of a sudden we hear heavy rain and powerful wind that was going about 140 miles per hour. We thought it might be a regular storm because it was already raining for hours , but then all the televisions and the phones and power all of a sudden go out and thats not normal at all. The nurses had to get all the "bed ridden" patients out the rooms and into the hallway as they are doing this the nurses got into panic mode.. and started DROPPING medication and giving patients medication they do not need.. and then it was this BIG striking that hit the side of the building and broke all the windows.. so then we where trying to make sure we didnt get hit by the glass.The nurses got out of luck and one screamed " We are going to die anyway", as soon as she said that everybody got out of hope and stopped trying to survive. Also after she said that one of the other nurses came and gave my mother a pill but I smacked it out her hand and told my mom she is not taking it. Over 3O patients that was there died and they demanded that all the visitors leave the hospital even though …show more content…

while we was on the boat there were snipers shooting at the boat because of fear. At the end of this horrible disaster we where tooken to Texas and we stayed in a shelter for a short period of time anad after it calmed down we went to live in Louisiana but at the end of it all we neveer went back to New Orleans because of the fear of another horrible disaster. My name is Jamie and this disaster helped me and my family know how strong me reall are.. This disaster was terrifying but im thankful we survived with all the doubt that we was going to die but we stayed stronged and believed that we can survive Hurricane Katrina.. Now i know "Nothing can stop

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