Personal Narrative: Double Heritage

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It’s easy to think that I see double. In a way, I do.
Everyone in my family has two names: one American, one Chinese. Even my dog, Miracle, is sometimes called “Mei-Li Gou,” which sounds like his American name when said quickly (“beautiful dog,” in English. Creative, I know).
The double heritage is obvious–it’s all over my home. The Guzheng, a Chinese, instrument, sits next to our piano. Beside our cans of Nutella rest bowls of dragon fruit. Even our plastic bag stash is rather diverse: some read Target, Shoprite, while others have “Asian Food Market” scrawled in Chinese.
But between “where I live” and “where I’m from,” it’s easy to miss the other cultures that sculpt my perspective. In the grassy, deer-infested town that I live–a community in the most traditional sense–there are no just “two” sides. …show more content…

From attending arangetrams to celebrating Rosh Hashanah to practicing Spanish on Chilean delegates at Model United Nations conferences–opportunities all given to me by this small suburb–I’ve gained a perspective that is touched by people and things that come from every corner of the world. In a sense, I’m a quilt, patched up with the stories of everyone else. My own culture and what I add, whether it’s a movie recommendation, a thought, or even a dream, is merely one of the innumerable pieces that make up a town that is already teeming with

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