Personal Narrative: My English Heritage

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How does your heritage affect you today? My English heritage doesn’t effect me, but I would like to try some traditions.Those things I would like to try is traditional foods, sports known in England, and religious holidays.

When I thought of tradition, the first thing that came to my mind was food. Some of these foods seem weird and gross and others look really good. So I chose ones that looked good or okay. Let's start off with pancakes. Pancakes are better cooked on a pan. I love these and my grandma makes really good pancakes. Next on the list is fish and chips. Fish and chips is fish and french fries. Fun fact, french fries are from france and belgium. the fish is normally, salmon, catfish, cod, or tilapia. The final food is bangers and mash. this may sound wierd but it sounds really good to me. Mainly because it is sausage baked in batter. It’s one step away from a corn dog. This is the food I would like to try because when I saw it, it seemed like it wouldn’t be too bad. But hey, don’t judge a book by it’s …show more content…

England has so many holiday so I chose ones that appealed to me. The first one that caught my eyes was saint David’s day. This is the commemoration of saint David’s death. Families go to relatives and have lunch or dinner. The next once one I noticed was shakespeare day. William shakespeare was and still is a well known writer and poet. The date that they celebrate it is april 23rd. This is also the date of world write and copyright day which is why the holiday is that day. People visit where he was born and go to museums to see his poems. Now to top it off I’m chose ascension day. Acsension day made think it is like a birthday for your kids and a lot like christmas but It is a little different. It is actually for the last appearence of jesus after the ressurection on easter. This day is celebrated 40 days after easter. this year it will be on may 5. Most people get work off and churches do special

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