Personal Narrative: Double Life

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I like to joke that I’m the most uncreative person you’d meet. I just naturally gravitate to simple and predictable structures, patterns, and lines in my life. But, that’s only during the day; at night, I lead a double life. Freed from the limitations of the world, I can flex my creative mind in my dreams. With the groundwork of the countless narratives and my own experiences, I construct movies of my own. One night I might find myself fighting my way through obstacles and thugs to save the ones I love or living life as a feral cat. And while these dreams can never become reality, the constant dreaming and remembering of my fantasies have led me to appreciate the details, no matter how insignificant they seem to be. This dual life I lived was key in molding my art style and creative mind, my attentiveness allowing me to reimagine my adventures with great intricacy.…show more content…
You would always see them on the edges of my notes, where I would build one on top of another. Playing with shadows and forms, I would create a playground of shapes that seem to appear from a rip in the paper and trailing off into the distance. But, I stayed within the structures, patterns, and lines, never bothering to explore until high school. There, I was challenged to use these shapes in a more meaningful way. They were the building blocks of nature’s design, of animals that I am so keen on learning about.
Of course, I wasn’t about to leave out my love for details when I forged my realism style. With animals for characters, I draw out the stories that were previously locked away in my mind. Through my work, I invite people to see every detail that I see. Whether it be a drawing, a photograph, or an idea, my meticulous ways let me share to those around me a representation of the world I envision in my
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