Personal Narrative: Edward St. John Athletic Center

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Olde Severna Park, Maryland, my bus comes to a halt, and gently veers into the collection of radiant green synthetic turf fields, and prestigiously constructed buildings which make up the Severn School campus. In the days since I was last here, so little has actually changed, but being in the upper school now, it seems to different. There are still the same deep red bricks, etched with names, forming the commemorative alumni walkway. There are still the same colossal 100 yard turf fields, lining the left side of the walkway, their radiating scent of sweat and plastic turf beads reminding me of all the good times that were had in my middle school days. On the other side of the Alumni Walkway, lay the magnificent Edward St. John athletic center, …show more content…

This street, quiet and empty the night before, turns into a bustling, crowded street, overnight. As I cross the street, the 3 large brick and academic buildings catch my eye. On the far left is McCleary Student Center. It’s large shiny front glass window glistens in the sunlight, reflecting the image of the landscaping just outside. Outside, luscious green bushes and prestigiously maintained grass connect the ever-so-modern campus with the wonders of nature. Directly inside, Price Auditorium, with its grand jet black stage, and maroon upholstered stadium seating, acts as a central meeting spot for the school, and brings together the Severn community on a daily basis. In the time I've been in high school, the spectacle which is Price Auditorium, seems so much more important. It is here in which intriguing ideas are shared, and paramount issues are thoroughly discussed. As I exit price, I follow the scent of hot food up the speckled tile stairs leading up to to the cafeteria. Inside, I can pinpoint the table I always sat at in middle school, with a refreshing view out the back window, where you can catch a glimpse of the river, just beyond the tree line. The cafeteria seems almost like a restaurant, with many unique dishes to chose from. The cafeteria satisfies hunger, while the rest of the 3 academic …show more content…

This bridge, fully enclosed in glass, leads the way into Creeden Hall, while also providing a view of the campus surrounding it. Creeden, the main high school building, feels like a busy street each school day. The immensely wide hallways are like highways for students zipping from class to class. Aluminum-lined whiteboards are mounted next to each door, all uniquely designed for the class that takes place in that room. The locker section in the morning like a busy city corner. While walking down the eternal-seeming spiral staircase, I see in the center of the room a pendulum slowly rocking back and fourth over a compass. Its brassy finish starting to wear off after all the years, and yet it still seems like new. The motion of the pendulum is constant, almost as if to symbolize the constant enriching of the students' minds, and the never ending sense of community and tradition which exists at the Severn School. At the end of the day, as I walk outside, I'm met by the gentle autumn breeze, bringing a sense of freedom and joy, after a hard working day at school. Located off of Evergreen Road, in Olde Severna Park, Maryland, there is a noticeable excitement, and passion for learning, in the

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