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I step back from the bathroom mirror, and I grab my hair straightener to straighten the wavy hair that I got from my Dad. My hair is the colour of caramel and my eyes are deep brown just like my Dad’s. My broad shoulders, which I never liked, I also got from my dad. The amount of times people have told me I look like my Dad had little effect on me. My mom interrupts me while I straighten my hair. “Danielle! Come downstairs, breakfast is ready,” she shouts. “Coming Mom,” I reply. I put down the hot hair straightener to climb down the stairs and have the smell of pancakes surround me as I enter the kitchen. My brother, Liam, sits at the table making a mess with the gooey maple syrup. Sometimes I feel bad for how Liam grew up. He hasn't seen Dad …show more content…

I slump into the seat across from Mom holding her hand. My thoughts spin in my head somehow linking everything to my fault. The time I spent saying Dad didn't care I didn't realize that Dad cared enough to risk his health for me, so I could have enough money to go to university. Mom tells me to go to sleep and not to worry, even though that’s all I will do. The next morning Mom takes Liam and I to take us to the hospital to meet Dad. My dad lays still on the bed hooked up to monitors. Liam sits in Mom’s lap most likely confused on what is happening. The doctor came in to tell Mom that Dad’s body has become weak and will only get weaker after the heart attack last night. Guilt swirls in my stomach knowing that I don't have much time to spend with Dad. In a week, I’ll be off to university and won’t be able to meet Dad anymore Suddenly, Dad’s fingers twitch. I get up and slowly inch towards the bed. His eyes flicker open as the nurse walks in. She checks Dad’s pulse and looks over all the monitors. The nurse gives Mom a smile, and Mom lets out a sigh of relief. “I’m going to get something to eat for Liam,” says Mom signalling to go sit closer to

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