Personal Narrative: My First Day At Cathedral High School

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It was the last day of tenth grade at Cathedral High School. My classmates and I were all packed at the front of the classroom waiting to get out of the door. My twin sister Claire and I were squished together at the very front. The bell had already rung for the next period, but we were hesitant to open the door because we knew as soon as we did, a swarm of seventh graders would soak us with water guns. Still, our classroom was fully prepared with Silly String for our counterattack. That whole year, our first period tenth grade classroom was “at war” against the seventh graders, and we needed one final battle to show them who was in charge. I looked at my sister, smiled big with excitement, and grabbed her hand. Together, we burst open the door and led our class…show more content…
Claire and I had just come home after tennis practice. When we walked into our apartment we saw that our mom had made a huge fancy meal for us, and I had a small feeling that something was up. My mom looked at me with eyes that looked somehow guilty, but everything seemed fine I guess. After we finished eating we were very tired, so Claire and I went to our separate rooms. Not long after laying down, my dad came in and told me we needed to talk about something. He wanted to talk to me and Claire separately, so we walked downstairs to a private community room in our apartment. He had never done this before and I didn’t know what was wrong, so my heart began pounding loudly in my chest. When I sat down and he told me the news, the pounding stopped. My heart sank. He said that our family couldn’t afford to go to Cathedral anymore, so my sister and I would have to switch schools and attend Sartell High School that year. I walked upstairs slowly afterwards and fell on the floor in my room. I stared at the ceiling waiting for Claire to be told. I don’t think I really believed what my father said to me at the time. I tried not to think. I just
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