Personal Narrative Essay : A Bad Night Out With My Sister

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What I thought was going to be a nice night out with my sister turned into the most dreadful day ever. The day that everybody saw coming, but did not think would happen and it now has happened. For me, this day could possibly change my life forever. I might not ever be able to hear my dad’s voice again. The scary thoughts of losing my father and going through a huge change in my life were bursting through my head as if they were fireworks on the Fourth of July. It felt as if the whole world was crashing down and shattering, right in front of my eyes. I step into the ever so haunting waiting room, not knowing what to expect. The clean white walls, the smell of the sterilized tools, and the coughing, crying patients all around made me realize, this day could possibly win as the worst day ever. The doctor ever so calmly says “This way ladies”. In my head, I’m thinking how can someone possibly be so calm in a situation, which a person is dying. My sister is bawling next to me obviously jumping to the worst conclusion. My sister and I walk into this room to find nobody but my mom sitting in the corner with her hands to her face and her elbows on her knees. I thought he was gone. I thought I would never receive another hug or smile from him. The door opened and in comes this huge bed, doctors all around, cords every it looked as if my dad were tangled in a big ball of spaghetti. I can hear the beeping of the monitors. He is still alive! It was in that moment that I realized

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