Personal Narrative Essay : A Short Story

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“You know that this building is like 110 stories high? If you fell you would definitely die.” “Shut up, I'm missing school for dad’s birthday so I don't want to be learning anything new today,” I explain to my annoying little brother Jake.“ Dad says that there are at least three cables holding the elevator up so we should be fine,” Jake stated. “Why does mom get to stay on the ground again; and we are going up to the 85th floor?” Jake asked for the millionth time. “Because she is placing a reservation for some fancy dinner place for dad's fiftieth birthday,” I explained to him for the millionth time.

“Yes, only four people! Give me a second I can hear you as there is an airplane flying over me right now. “Yes, only four people under the name Mrs. Clean.” “Oh!,” the person on the phone commented. “And it's Mr.Clean’s fiftieth birthday so could you find something that incorporates September and 11 because that is his birthday. It’s so special that I even let my kids miss school to come and celebrate with him,” mom explained.

“Jason,Jason,Jason, what time is it? I wanna see what class I would be in?” Jake questioned. “It’s 8:46; I would be in French” I answer. “I would be in science” says Jake. AND BOOM! Then the elevator stopped.

We are live on the seen at 8:46 and the North tower has just been stuck by a plane hitting the 80th and above floors and no survivors have been confirmed but we believe everyone on the plane has been killed. Reports are in stating

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