Personal Narrative Essay About Swimming

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Success is something that we all strive for. Everyone wants to the best at what they do and no one wants to come in last. A huge accomplishment for one person could be seen as unimpressive to someone else. Swimming is normally unimpressive to many especially if it is high school swimming or a competitive swim team for children. I was thirteen when I had joined my first competitive swim team. It took one summer season to get my hooked and next thing I knew I was swimming all year long. I was never really good and I had never won an event until the summer championships the following year. That meet was the one that allowed me to see that I was capable of more than I had originally thought. Walking over to the blocks for my event was a moment unlike any other I had experienced. Loud cheers from parents filled the pool area at Smith college and I could barely hear myself think. I look around to see …show more content…

“Swimmers step up onto the block” the announcer yells into the megaphone. Now I am almost three feet above the water legs shaking and knees feeling weak like I will fall at any given moment. From the top of the block the black tile looks so far away. In just a few moments I will be following that line to make sure I stay in the center of my lane. At this moment the water so calm and smooth begging for me to dive in and disrupt the calmness. I can see the water a few seconds from now a huge white mass going everywhere as the swimmers move through it. For now it is still calling me to enter as my toes are curled over the edge of the block and my body like a coiled spring ready to explode. The calmness of the water and silence of the pool area adds to my nervousness. There is absolutely no noise coming from anywhere. All of a sudden the announcer breaks the silence and I almost fall from my position. “This is the girls fifty yard freestyle swimmers take your

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