Personal Narrative Essay

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The day was beautiful and warm, and nothing seemed wrong, except that I was running late to school, leaving me no choice but to push gas pedal a bit stronger. That’s when I look behind me and see a car patrol flashing its lights behind me. My mind told me to keep going, but the end, I bailed out and decided to pull my nice Mercedes Benz to the side. The worst was yet to come as the cop opened his door and made his way towards me.
I turned my head around quickly to see that the cop had already walked the few steps that separate my beautiful car to his car. Then, the cop made me signals to pull down my mirror so he could talk to me, I obeyed the rules and did as he told me to. When I saw his face, I quickly dint feel very frown to see him as he asked me questions, “Hey there fella, you know why I pulled you over”, asked the cop in a professional toned voice, “You pulled me over I guess because I was going over the speed limit”, I replied in a sarcastic voice, the cop quickly responded with a simple, “yes, I did pull you over sir because you were going over the speed limit”. Due to my sarcastic response the cop decided to add me an additional amount to speeding ticket. Afterwards, the cop told me, “You should better watch out about your speed, and keep an adult voice to why I prevented you from getting into a car accident”, me as school student responded with, a more professional toned voice by saying, “thank you sir".
Days passed by and I was finally called to meet with the

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