Personal Narrative Essay

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Due to life, every person goes through something or have some experience that leads to them having a downfall in their life where they back are up against the wall and they can’t find their way out of the situation. So, some people end up killing themselves, acting out, or maybe even seeking God. With me saying this I will like to share my personal narrative and what caused me to have a downfall and how did I redeem myself from every situation. In 2010, me and my family were going through a struggle and my mom was working one job and so was my dad. Weekends would go by and by that was unusual for my dad to not come home every weekend or every other weekend. So, me and my siblings came home from school and we were all happy like usually, my mother came in from work later on that evening. She had called me and my siblings into the dining room table she said I have something to tell you guys. I said What is it mom? Is it good or bad? She begins talking and she said that your father is in prison and I just sat there at the table. My face was just priceless and thoughts started to go everywhere in my head I didn’t know what to think or to say. So, I just excuse myself from the table and I went into my room and close the door. There I sat in the corner with my back against the wall and cried constantly. Then months went by and my mom was working two jobs just so we can have food, water, house and electricity. Sometimes our water would get cut off and we would

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