Personal Narrative Essay

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Important events happen in everyone's life. People learn life lessons at young ages through traumatic events and just everyday experiences. I have a specific memory that really set the tone for how I wanted to live my life. I am the oldest of all my siblings, and it is important to be a good role model while also learning a lot about life. It was a hot weekend in Arizona, and like every other day I was bored and looking for something to do. I decided to waste some time by walking around my neighborhood and see if any of my friends were out playing at the park. The idea to stop by the local gas station crossed my mind as I knew I was going to get thirsty on my venture. I popped the rubber bottom off of my all red piggy bank and spilled the change all over the floor of my room shared by my brothers. I scanned the change looking for every quarter I could find, knowing that I wasn’t finding and dollars because those have already been spent on Yu-gi-oh cards. Eventually I rounded up enough change to be able to purchase a cold pop and go about my day. As I head to the door with my shoes on, as soon as I turn the handle I hear my mom yell from her room. “Nigel, make sure to take your brother with you!” she would always yell from the kitchen or her bedroom. This is probably the worst command your mother can give you as an older brother. I instantly become responsible for a young child that wants nothing but to do exactly what I am doing. Regardless, I make the best out of my
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