Personal Narrative Essay: Looking Behind The Mask

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Looking Behind The Mask

Chapter one

I cant wait to see my friends today… Not school of course but after school sports. I may be the only girl in my own section and the only freshmen but i get along well with them. I may go to foothill the supposed greatest school. Academically they got that in the bag. But socially they need a bit of work.

My sport is called Drumline, Its like a marching band but with only percussion instruments. There is battery and pit. Battery are the people on the layout floor/mat. Marching around and playing on drums at the same time. These drums also have different names there is snare,base drum,tenor/quads, and the separate section of battery called the cymbal players. I am a cymbal player. The difference between us and the rest of the battery is that we don’t warm up with them and sometimes can’t understand their “drum talk.” Pit are
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Friends,school,sports family. I only have time for three i chose school,sports, and family. Sadly lately our family has been stressful. Mom and dad have been fighting more and pretending like everything is fine more. They pretend like our family is perfect. But every family has a few skeletons in there closet. Ours is that my parents fight and at the moment i greve. My grandmother has been ill. Her husband has died. So she has fallen into a deep depression none of us can handle. Her soul has left her body. Slowly she is killing herself. How can a person do that? You may ask, I started when she fell. She wouldn’t go to the hospital because of how expensive it is. But then she fell more often and each time we would hope it wouldn’t be the end. until one day we left her alone by herself she insisted that she could handle herself. My uncle found her on the floor. She had been lying there for hours crying for help. So now she always has somebody watching her making sure nothing like that ever happens
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