Personal Narrative Essay : My Life Was Perfect?

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Life was perfect. I was sitting with my best friends and my mom at the bakery, it had a sweet smell of chocolate, there was chatter everywhere, this was my favorite place to come. As I stuffed another bite of cheesecake into my mouth, my mom asked “What does my little birdie want for her birthday?” I was embarrassed. “Mom!” I complained as my best friends Crystal and Alice giggled “What dooo you want for your birthday Celine?” Alice asked “Nothing really, probably some blueberry cheesecake and pizza,” I said with a smirk on my face “More cheesecake?” Crystal groaned “Didn’t we have enough of that?” “Hey! It’s my birthday,” I declared After some more chatting and giggling, my mom paid the bill and dropped my bffs home. “I have a surprise for you,” my mom announced as she got out of the car. “But it’s not my birthday yet.” “I know but this is really special Celine,” As we entered the house my mom shut the door. It smelled like fresh mint, it looked cleaner than before, the only noise I could hear was the neighbour’s dog barking. My curiosity took over. “What is it?” I asked “Have patience,” she commanded. Then she reached into her purse and pulled out a little box like the ones with engagement rings, except it had the letter C embedded on top. As she opened the box, I saw the most beautiful locket I had ever seen, shining in the sunlight. It was a triangle-shaped locket with a watermelon on top. It had white beads on the top which were shining like stars. “It’s
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