Personal Narrative Essay On Duty

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I was called on duty that night at the New York Fire Station. When I turned on my walkie talkie all I could hear where fire trucks and ambulance cars and police cars. I put my gear on as fast as I could. When I hoped in my truck my wife Jennifer called. ''I am okay," exclaimed Jennifer. I rushed to the scene! When I got out all I could see was black smoke. When I looked closely all I saw was the twin towers. One of them looked like there was a hole in the top of it. Like a plane crash in to it. I had asked what had happened and they told me '' a plane had crashed.'' Twenty minutes later another plane crashed in to the other Twin Tower all the sudden everything collapsed. My wife called she was coughing I asked her if she was okay the phone hanged up. I rushed home. I couldn’t find her. …show more content…

I looked and looked I couldn’t find her. I called the hospital to see if they had her. They didn’t have her. I rushed to the hospital anyway. I found her luckily she is not dead. They took her in to the emergency room. After I knew she was okay I went back on duty. It took 9 mouths to repair all the damage. It took my wife a year to recover.This memory will always haunt me and New York City. But now its time to move on. After everything was back to normal me and my wife got a new house and moved on with our lives. Lets hope this never ever happens again. After three years my wife had a heart attack. She died the next day. She was only fifty six when she died. But I still do what I love to do put out fires. I know that she would want me to do what I love instead doing something I don’t love. I hope that this memory will never be

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