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Children are innocent, free of concern and grief. I remember when I was nine years old. I did not have a care in the world, I was happy. The evening was filled with joy. My father, mom, little sister, my twin and I all went to a party that my mother’s friend was throwing for finishing her remodeling of her house. Everyone I knew was at the party. The night was warm, the sky clear of stars and the moon shone brightly over the back yard. My sisters and I were running around the yard, playing with friends while the adults drank their adult drinks.
The night grew darker and darker. People were leaving. Our cousin was about to be leaving. I quickly hurried to him asking if my twin and I could stay the night at his house. He was my favorite cousin to spend time with and we had not stayed with him for a while. He proceeded to ask our parents if it were okay. They said we could stay just for the night. Now, my littlest sister, only four years old, asked if she could stay as well. She had seen what her big sisters did and wanted to partake. After much debate, we all met in my cousin’s truck and headed two blocks down the road to our house. We were all running across the yard, excited to gather our clothes and spend the night with our cousin. We kissed and hugged our parent’s goodnight and vowed to see them in the morning.
Not much time had passed because my cousin lived only a few miles away but my sisters were fast asleep. My cousin looked over at me and asked if I would like to

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