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Here i am rolling in, a jeep grand cherokee srt8 made in 2003. Jeeps just scream adventurous and I love traveling. Now, jeeps aren't known as the safest cars, but I tend to be rebellious and don't always put my safety first when making choices. Just look at me, i am a fairly big SUV with lots of room, but don't make assumptions because you would be surprised by my strength. Strength training and lifting weights are a big part of my life but i also don't have a big intimidating build and i am not so thin either. My windows, tinted. I don't open up my personal life to just anybody, you have to earn my trust and until you can earn it and hop into my car or have me roll my windows down, all you will be looking at is my physical appearance. While you are looking at my physical appearance you may find some scratches and dents. My life hasn't always been happy and dancing in the flowers, times get rough, and life happens which is why you'll see those bumps and scratches, and i have them with pride because it means i made it through those hard times. Another thing you will see is that i'm a black car with neon yellow trim. If You happen to make it into my life and your not just staring at my amazing neon yellow trim, you will know that i have a bold personality and i'm not afraid to show it. Yeah im weird, so yeah my trim will be yellow out of all colors. If we start to make our way into the interior you will have one of the most important features of a car; the gas pedal. Now with

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