Personal Narrative Essay : The Beauty Of Barbie

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At a young age, most girls play with this doll that has a skinny, yet curvy, figure, large blue eyes, the perfect smile, and gorgeous hair. Young girls are infatuated with the idea of that’s how they will look when they’re older. Barbie is the ideal beauty standard many girls grew up with, myself included. Why then, did I feel so insulted when someone labeled me as “Barbie”? Should I not have been enthused that someone thought of me as the typical ideal? It bothered me for a while but I eventually figured out the cause for that. A Barbie is also defined as a “person, especially a young woman, perceived as blandly attractive and vacuous” (“Barbie”). To this person, I was “blandly attractive” and “vacuous”. To them, I was only good for my appearance, there was no substance to my being, I was only useful for my looks. I know I am not this person. I know I have more worth than looks. I know that the experiences I have had, have shaped me into someone completely different from this definition. I know that they were wrong, yet for some reason, it still offended me too much. Defining this word helped me realize how I appear to others, and it made me think deeply about if I was ok with what they were seeing. Bland refers to something that is lacking in special interest, liveliness, or individuality (“blandly”). Bland is tasteless, normal, plain. Bland is not something I would like to be known as. I don’t want to be another face in the crowd, I want to stand out and make an impact.

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