Personal Narrative Essay : The First Day Of Summer

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As soon as their mom left after saying her goodbyes; giving her hugs and kisses, I knew that summer had officially begun, and the nerves slowly began to settle knowing that I was left in charge of an adorable two month old, a sassy two year old, and a helpful four year old for this hectic summer. Slam, as the door closes. Summers here. Since it was the first day of summer, I let the kids pick a place to go get a treat… of course they declared we go to caribou. So, with the smell of fresh cut grass and the aroma of sunscreen on the babies, we started our adventurous walk to caribou. We looked like our own little parade, one in the stroller and two on their bikes. As the warm sun beat down on our skin during our half-mile journey to go get smoothies and a coffee, all you could hear were the happy and excited laughs from Sam and Julia as they were so excited to be on their bikes enjoying the beautiful weather. While listening to the giggles and squeals, I thought it would be a perfect moment to capture in a video. I put the video on my snap chat story, and in a blink of an eye, my friends were calling to see if they could come meet us and get their baby fix in… I obviously said yes, knowing I would need the extra set of hands once we arrived. Our journey to caribou was finally coming to an end, two of the three kiddos were crying. Max was hungry, and Julia fell off her bike getting a scratch so small it was microscopic… let me tell you, she thought she was going to die. When

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