Personal Narrative Essay : The First Day Of My Life

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I pulled up in front of my house after completing the first day of my senior year. I knew it would be my hardest year of school, but I already had college on my mind. Somehow I felt energized from the warm day and glowing sun. When I got inside, my gram and uncle were there waiting for me. They asked me to sit down and I knew something was wrong. Gram was calm as she said, "The coroner came to the house this morning." My heart dropped. I asked if my dad was okay. She said, "Your dad is fine, but your mother is dead. She killed herself." The words stunned me. Part of me knew this day was inevitable. The other part did not want to believe what I was just told. I asked, “How?” Gram said, “She hanged herself.” My mother has not been a part of my life or my sister's for thirteen years. She walked out on us when I was four years old. The last time I saw her was about ten years ago. My mother went down the wrong path and made bad choices. Her decisions affected me more than she would ever know. My sister, Nikki, lives with my dad and pap. I live with my gram and uncle. Gram and I are really close and I moved in with her two years ago when she got very sick. Now my mind was swimming. Telling my dad and sister was going to be the hard part. We went to my pap's house and I talked with Nikki until my dad came home from work. Gram waited outside to tell my dad so he would be prepared to tell my sister. Dad called us both upstairs and, while choking back tears, he told my sister what

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