Personal Narrative: Eureka High School

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As a young boy, I have always been one to pull things apart. Sometimes with force, other times with finesse. I was never concerned with what it was or what it did, but how it did it was the fascinating part. sometimes, I would pull apart an old cell phone and, to my dismay, see a bunch of electronics. I would pull apart a toaster and see the heating coils, the button, and the little latch that kept the assembly together. As I got older, I found out the wonderful thing called math. I could pull apart functions and equations without my parents being upset about a broken toy or appliance. Where (mostly) everyone was in pain to be on a site called IXL, I loved it. I would solve problems by pulling apart the problem and putting it back together with the answer. I would not even look at without even looking at IXL’s solutions I would complete a week's worth of work in three to four days.…show more content…
Inside that class, Mr. Glass would hand out packets and teach the class how to do the problems in the packet. He went through every little detail, every little thing… and somehow, people could come up with many questions to ask him. He was a very good teacher, but it was just my class. I had one problem with it though, they were too s...l...o...w… for me. My solution? Go faster. I would complete the entire packet by the time the class got to doing the first page. Later on in the year, Mr Glass had to say “please, do not go on without the class.” My solution? Do the packet, then go back and look like I am following with the rest of the
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