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She nervously lit a cigarette feeling some sympathy for Paul in the rejection of her glance.
“What’s wrong?” Paul recognized her miserable face. “Tell me.”
She knew she looked obvious. She wasn’t good at hiding her emotions and she was practically crushing and bending the cigarette she was gripping it so hard.
A waitress brought some coffee and bread with butter to their table.
“What?” Jana shrugged, she could not think of an answer. “I’m fine.”
“Since when do you smoke?”
Jana took a drag. “I don’t know? I just started.”
The atmosphere hadn’t exactly been happy or stress free. The day scarcely lifted the light above them to a gloomy grey sky. Jana’s face sagged in lines of depression, her eyes hazed with smoke.
Jana glanced in disdain as the cigarette between her fingers. “Alright…it’s been a few years...ten maybe.” She threw down the cigarette and stomped it out. …show more content…

I agree you shouldn’t. It’s a nasty habit.”
She looked up at Paul and mulled over his displeasure for a moment.
“You know what I mean, this…I feel like I’m going crazy, like I’m one of these prisoners and I can’t escape.” Leaning forward in her chair with an expression of distraught, almost dizzy, guiltiness, she scrambled in her purse and took out another cigarette. “Fuck it,” she said to him and lit it. “I’m starting to have nightmares every night about these stories. My life is too mixed up in this, it’s taking too long.”
Paul blinked slowly, disapproving, rather baffled and at first he did not reply.
“These are people’s lives, Jana. We can’t just stop

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