Personal Narrative: Freshman

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T. Arbitman
Freshman Fall 2017

I remember being a little girl and hiding behind my mom when someone came up to me to say hello; I used to be so nervous to even meet their eyes. At our family get-togethers, for Christmas and New Years Day, my family attempted to start conversations I would politely smile and hide behind my closest parent. I remember her telling me “It’s okay to say Hi to the people I talk to, just do not talk to strangers.” I tried to listen to her and follow her instructions but every time I would try chickened out.
I was really interested in theatre because as a child I saw many Broadway shows and loved them. My mom saw that I was truly interested, so she took me to Pittsburgh for an audition for a TV show. We arrived to the room where the audition was held, there were so many people, many more than I expected. I got to the stage where three people were holding the audition. They said “Whenever you’re ready, you just have to say Scooby Dooby Doo.” I was so nervous I barely whispered it and ran off the stage. …show more content…

My mom knew I was beginning to have a passion for theatre she also knew I had to overcome my extreme shyness . She made the decision to take me out of my small school, and enroll me in a public middle school that offered theatre, From that point on, my life changed. I made new friends, I got involved with after school activities and sports. One day while picking me up from softball my mom wanted to take me to see a play called “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” at The Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA). I knew from that moment that CAPA was the school I wanted to

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