Personal Narrative : ' Get Up, Snowflake ! '

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"Get up, Snowflake!" I moaned, weakly pushed myself off the dirt ground of the arena. My everything hurts. I slowly make my way to my feet and hardly dodged another oncoming attack from Scorpion. Ever if we were friends, he was still brutal when we trained. He didn’t disagree with the monks for keeping me around, but he didn’t think I needed to be trained to fight. I don’t blame him, I’m not great. I stepped to the side fast enough to get out of the way as Scorpion tripped and fell face first in the dirt. I would have never guessed seven year-olds had the capacity to be taught some of the martial arts methods that we were supposed to be practicing. I smiled mostly pleased with myself. Scorpion came back. Throwing punches wildly. He was …show more content…

I hear everyone leave as I sit up and dust myself off. And enjoying the quiet after the storm, even if I was covered in dirt. Break The worst part of being a… a weapon, I guess you could say. Yes, that’s what I am. A weapon. I am a blade that can cut both ways. People I care about get hurt… I’m a weapon. The worst part of it all is the training; I learned the hard way once when I was sick. Skipping even one day of training will throw you completely off, it makes every motion you do seem to lose an edge. That feeling of perfection. One day off and you lose it. You lose that feeling of perfection. Efficiently, power, strength. One day is all it takes and it goes away. I can’t afford that, Shoa-Loa told me that. He had spoken to me many times following out first encounter. He knows so many hidden techniques, so many things I didn’t know. Aikido was always one of the martial arts I had been fonder of. I also enjoyed Judo. So that was today’s practice. Aikido. I was in a gym, smaller than the court, and nicer, there were punching bag, mats, and other things that could be used in physical training. I slowly and carefully go through each motion, for some reason my mind wanders back to the past. Funny to think I was the complete worst in my class, and now… I was within a year away from competing to become King of K’un-Lun. The idea had begun to grow on me. ‘Focus! Focus! Focus! Young Dragon! Please Focus!’ A loud and commanding voice floods my ears

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