Personal Narrative-Growing Up In High School

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As soon as we arrived to the gigantic mansion we saw an open window on the top floor. I was with my brother Willie and my other two homies Davis and Donny. We had the whole thing planned out to take the cars, we had been following the same plan sense we we teenagers, growing up in California we knew each other's weaknesses. “Lamar, we can give you a boost up to the roof.” Willie whispered “ Get into the house and take all three keys, we will be waiting outside.” I nodded my head and proceeded inside the house. “I better get some extra money from the cut for this.” I whispered loudly. As I got through the window I could hear what sounded like teenagers yelling at a videogame. “ Screw you man, you suck at this game!”…show more content…
I turn to see a teenage boy behind me me standing in the doorway. His widening eyes and look of fear soon became a bigger deal to us then figuring out who gets to drive the Audi. “ Get him.” Willie told…show more content…
Willie the little chubby teen pinned to the ground. “What are we gonna do with him.” I said “ Not much we can do dog.” said Donny Willie grabs his gun and puts it to the kids head. I grab his arm and try to pull it away but Willie is stronger than me and holds it there. “ thats out of the question, no killing at all.” I said “ What would you say we do then?” Willie asked sarcastically I take his gun and hit the kid in the back of the head with it. As he hit the ground knocked out we make our exit. We were going to now take the cars to our man Simeon. He was an illegal car dealer who accepted stolen cars into his dealership. “I’ll see y’all at Simeons!” then Willie sped off down the street. We all got into one of the three cars while Davis drove the car we took there back. Later we arrived at Simeon’s dealership, we park the cars in the back of his dealership and walk inside to get our pay. As soon as all of us walk in and see Simeon he yells “Thats them officers, those are the car thieves that have been all around the city!” We see three police officers walk from around a corner to surprise us. “Don’t move!” yelled one of the
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