Personal Narrative: Guy Dossi's Talk With Bret Harte High School

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Calaveras Enterprise sports reporter Guy Dossi spoke with Bret Harte High School head swimming coach Andrea Mazza as the Bullfrogs practiced. They spoke of the season thus far, who has been a pleasant surprise and if the swimmer have a lot of interactions with members from other schools.

CE: Well coach, you had your bye week last week. Did you use that as an opportunity to relax or did you use it to push the kids harder, knowing they wouldn't have to compete for a while?

AM: We are absolutely not taking it easy. We are training harder. We had a little setback with the thunder storms, so we pushed them a little more.

CE: You are three meets into the season, how would you say things are looking at this point?

AM: They are looking very good. We are proud of these kids. The ones who are showing up for morning and afternoon practice, we are very proud of. We have a few who have been not feeling well, or getting sick or have other things that they are doing, and we are missing them. But we still have a large team. We are really happy that there are a lot of kids who enjoy aquatics and swimming. Even if they don’t feel that comfortable with it, they are still out here pushing themselves to …show more content…

At the end of the event, you wait in the water and you wait until the very last swimmer comes in and hits the wall and you shake hands. That’s sportsmanship that they shows in swimming. But at an actual meet, you don’t see them interacting too much. You are under your own tent and the other school is in their area. We are just getting psyched out to swim our individual events. Some of us have our relays and that’s a fun unit and you can see that team bonding in their relays. But, I don’t see as much interaction. The only kind I see is when they are looking at each other before they get on the blocks. But I do know that they are looking at each other under water when they are swimming or when they are taking a breath because that’s their

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