Personal Narrative : Hope All Is Well With And Zara.this

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Hi. Patrick.I hope all is well with and Zara.This is a difficult letter to write.

My apologies if I was the cause of the breakup of your family.It is disheartening to see the animosity the exist from Ken 's entire family towards him twenty years later.

When Ken and Ingrid marriage ended she quickly let everyone around known she was the victim of a marriage of infelidity. She used all the support she had in against Ken to support her efforts in setting herself up financially for life in the lifestyle she had been accomstomed to. In doinome

I am writing, because of my own experiences, with my ex-husband, how much it has destroyed the relationship between myself and my children,by instilling in them hate,anger and resentment towards …show more content…

My marriage ended when I refused to support an unmotivated /hot -tempered man,who spent five of the six years,that we were married in school at my expense.At the time my children were very young, with a10 hours work schedule as a manager for corporate catering company and child care took it 's toll.When I insist he find a job or help around the house he refused to do so.He then took my children away, and quickly filed for divorce along with his entire racist family,whom was against the marriage supported him in court.They collectively work to establish to the court,I was and unfit parent,on the premise he would get to keep the children,home and child support.He came from a well to do family,who supported him financially,throughout the court battles against me.In the end he had won,children,home and child support,only if that was the end.He continues to humiliate, whenever the children would visit he would accuse me of being an unfit parent ,consequently had me in supervised access with my children.Meanwhile, he had taken up with an alcoholic woman,where the children would be left in her care,while he worked long work schedule,he also became very physical and mentally abusive to them.There lives became one of dysfunctional family.

When I met Ken I was working as a bartender at the hotel he would stay on his commute.We met early in 1996,as I was working on a pilot license he had some advice.He said he was separated and was

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