Personal Narrative: How A Car Work

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A car is a important part ot most peopele it a way of transportaion but it also a way to learn something new how does a car work. I always wanted to lean about cars they are so cool to lea about. I know not everyone thnks about a car the ame way and bc it the first thing that popped up in my head. I wonder about all the technoly that invoded a car with it everything that make it run esay and good. I also wonder about how things can be waterproff. With all this new expinsive techonlogy getting water on it is the last thing you want to do to it. Having waterproff iteams is a good thing to because if it expnsive it would cost so much to fix or buy a new one. They even have waterproff cases r other iteams that could help with protecting ur things
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