Personal Narrative: How Colorado River Changed My Life

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Hey, its me carbon, it's nice up here in the atmosphere. Been here for 21 years now. I've gotten along well with the nitrogen and oxygen up here. However i've heard that the colorado river is nice this time of year. Just gonna go and dizolve myself into the beautiful colorado. The locals are nice here too in the hydrosphere.

Soon after dissolving in the hydrosphere, i got offered a home in a nice clam. But i had to first put on a Ca and an extra O, effectively changing myself into CaO3. now going on for 17 years in my clam buddy but alas all things die. im kinda glad that i get to move again, i kinda like it. Now i'm on my way to the limestone in the lithosphere.

I say that i said i wanted to move more, and i get buried under about
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Forty years of thinking led me to want help out a plant, any plant, i mean i am needed in photosynthesis. But picking what i want to be is the real problem. I picked a nice forest and the only thing that would take me in was a tall piece of grass. The piece of grass i took shelter in was eaten by a…show more content…
I was only with him for 7 years. This one was by far the most eventful, i'm surprised he died the way he did. i was expecting him to get shot by a hunter. Now that the deer died i'm slowly decomposing into the soil.

It's been boring here, i've been here for a while now. About a million years. Now i'm getting buried deeper and deeper. The extreme pressure caused me to turn into coal. Now being a fossil fuel i'm awaiting to get mined by some power hungry humans.

Being a fossil fuel is extremely boring. With millions of years of sitting in one place you get board. Finally, i wake up to being shipped off to the navajo generating plant. A couple days into being there i get to the furnace, and get burned. Now i'm co2 in the atmosphere, again.

Being in the atmosphere isn't too fun. After 75 years i decided to try my luck with another plant. This time i decided to look around for a while longer. I found a nice tree and he allowed me to stay with him. I feel like i'll be here for a
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