Personal Narrative: How Homework Changed My Life

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I grew up in a small town on Long Island called, Westbury. The street I grew up on didn’t have many kids my age, so I would usually play with the older kids. Every morning, as the sun would be rising my mom, would take my sisters to school and I would beg her to go with them. I would watch as the big yellow bus would drive down the small narrow street I lived on. When my sisters would come home they would be doing their homework on the kitchen table and I would be mesmerized at the way they read and write. As they would do their homework I would sit down near them and act as though I knew what the pages said. After they would be done with doing their homework my neighbors, sisters and I would always play a game we called “house” where we would…show more content…
At least twice a month my second-grade teacher would take us on trips, after the trip, we would come back to class and would have to write three sentences about our experience. At the time I didn't have the best handwriting, my letters would all look the same. That same year, I remember my mother taking me and my sisters to the library to sign up for the summer reading challenge at the library. While we were there she would have me check out two books so that when we would get home I could read. Before bed, my mom would have me sit down in the kitchen at night and read the books I received. If I didn't say the sentence correctly I would have to read the sentence over and over again. I would eventually get restless and start to cry which didn't help because my mother would make me continue reading. As I read the crickets would be outside chirping. The moon would be peeking through the kitchen window as if it were reading with me. My sisters would be in their rooms reading also. Once I was all done with the reading I would have to complete the summer reading form about the book. I was mainly interested in reading the books because at the end of the competition they would give out prizes to the
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