Personal Narrative: I Was Remembered By A Wasp

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I will never forget the time I got stung by a wasp. In July of 2008, it was one of the scorching summer time this year for me. This summer my sister and I suppose to go swimming at a beach. Instead, we went swimming at a relative's house who had a barbecue party. When we arrived at the house I already felt excited. Henceforth, when I was swimming in the pool. I felt a needle in my neck, but I had avoided it, though. Because I had thought it was a cramp in my neck. Eventually, I felt a sting again and rip something off my neck. I started freaking out wondering what was it until I saw something glowing in the water and it was a massive wasp. Since I didn't kill the wasp I try to escape, but I couldn't. Because I felt dizzying, having trouble…show more content…
My dizziness made my brain spun all around. As I walked, my balance started to weaken. However, I forcefully tried to walk into the house quickly to call for helped, but I kept falling on the ground. So, I grasped the ground firmly to get up and started to head toward the house again. Automatically I already knew I had a severe reaction from the wasp sting. subsequently, I got to the house and my family members saw me how I was and were worried about me. Instantly, someone started to carry me to a different location to remove the venom from my neck.
Second, while one of my family members drop me off. I had a trouble with breathing. Because when one of my family members removed the poison out my neck, I swelled up which caused me abnormal breathing. In addition, while I was breathing abnormally; I felt that my lungs were slowly Collapsing together. However, my grandmother put a fan in front of me to keep air flowing in my face. Although, it felt like the fan was useless at that time when I was struggling to breathe properly.
Finally, once they removed the poison I felt overjoy. But also, panicking at the same time. Because in my mind I felt like that wasn't real. However, I was panicking at the fact why did bee sting me while I was just splashing in the water. In this case, I felt traumatized from bee and pool ever since that
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