Personal Narrative-Kaitlyn

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As he shoved his luggage into his overhead bin, he took a seat with exhaustion. Remembering all the memories they've had at their grandparents house, when they were little. Now today would be the day to relive all those fun and exciting memories, thought Jamerson. Jamerson knew he could be able to show his Grandma Judy and Grandpa Jona, all the things he's learned from his practices in football, soccer, and basketball. Kaitlyn had finally gotten a flight attendant to come over by her. Kaitlyn began to speak, “Mrs, by any chance do you have wifi on here I could connect to?” The flight attendant Carrie had said, “I'm sorry ma'am we don't, is there anything else I can get you?” Kaitlyn didn't say anything, she sat there in disappointment. Ugh,…show more content…
Complaining and complaining about how she doesn't like the food, or how she doesn't have enough space for her feet. Jamerson said, “All you need to do is relax and just enjoy the ride”. Kaitlyn responded with a sigh, “You don't get it my life is ruined. I have no wifi and I can't do anything on my phone, plus stay out of my business. I hate you just get out of my life”. Jamerson turned back around and thought to himself. She'll see when we get the granny and granpa's she gonna have fun, she'll forget about all her problems. Someday I'm not gonna be here, and Kaitlyn is gonna be all alone. Kaitlyn felt bad about what she said, but didn't worry about it, and just went to bed. Jamerson woke up and looked at the time, it was currently 2:57am. He woke because the plane started getting shaky, he looked down the aisle. He saw three flight attendants by the pilot's door, talking. Talking about something, Jamerson really wanted to go see what was going on. Jamerson thought that if he did, he knew that maybe he'd get in trouble. So he just thought he should stay put and everything would be…show more content…
A lady who had been up half the flight, saw out her window that there was something wrong with the plane. Then suddenly the plane started to rattle then a huge POP. Jamerson woke up, he went to go wake up his sister Kaitlyn but, the flight attendant Carrie had announced “Everyone stay in your seats and everything's gonna be okay”. Carrie had been acting all nice and pretending everything was okay, but he could see it in her eyes she was scared too. Kaitlyn had finally woken up, she heard a loud scratching noise outside her window and along the white paint on the side of the plane. She couldn't tell what it had been it had gone by so fast. Carrie had announced again with her shaky voice. “Everyone put on the masks that fly down in front of you, you need to put them on for your safety”. Everyone was panicking about whether or not they're gonna die or live. Kaitlyn thought that maybe they were landing, but she thought wrong. She looked out the window thinking, “That doesn't look like we're anywhere near the ground, and then she noticed that they had started spinning”. The captain began on the announcement “Everyone stay as calm as you can, we can only work with you if you calm”. Jamerson had said to himself over and over everything will be fine. Kaitlyn had been thinking about what she said to Jamerson earlier when they were getting settled. She wanted to go apologize, but now was not the time, she had to stay calm and be
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