Personal Narrative : Machismo

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Machismo is a rather popular Spanish word meaning strong or aggressive masculine pride. I know this word so well that we could basically move in together because I have seen it take life before my own eyes for years now by my no one else but my father. This word has brought pain and suffering to my mother and by doing so has also inevitably harmed me. This word has shown me the ugly and the mean. But, this word has also shown me what I am and what I will not be and for that, I am grateful. The sun had started going down and the blazing heat that accompanied July with it as the stars and crickets started slowly making appearances. The day was coming to an end and I was sleepier than ever due to the intense heat that seemed to drain every …show more content…

The only difference now, is that I am old enough to be the one to listen to my mother and let her vent out to me as she has never talked about this to anyone. My mother explains that she got into a heated argument with my father on their way back from the local little market because she undeniably caught him looking at another women in a way that she felt uncomfortable. Obviously, my father being the macho man that he often portrays to be, does not care about how she feels in the slightest about the situation because to him, that is what a man does. A man can look at whomever he pleases. A man can go wherever he pleases. A man can do whatever he pleases. I am confused to feel a tear drop onto my leg as I had not noticed that I was already swimming in a beach of my own tears. My heart hurt to see my mother breaking down like that. By that time, it was already so late in the night that all my siblings were already tucked in bed and sleeping ever so peacefully. My mother and I were the only ones still up as she could not get herself to go to bed with the man who had just broken her heart again. I often did not want to get involved in my parents’ conflicts because I tend to advice my mother on what her options are, such as divorcing him, leaving him, and moving away, but she always goes back to my father because she states that she was raised to stay by her husband’s side no matter what. “… but I love him” she

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