Personal Narrative: Memorial Park

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It's in the year 6000, the midwest region is now desert, due to global warming and continental drift. My team and I has been sent to the middle of the area. It was believed that there was once a river there, but it makes sense that it's now gone with average temperatures way above 100 degrees and very miniscule precipitation. Though this not all bad, there's plenty of discoveries to find here. In some block we found straight, pointed obelisk when a plaque. It took some time and good people to translate it. When do so believe it to say Memorial Park. Why honor those who die in battle, when the glory belongs those kill? What a strange people they were. The other different objects with the memorial, appeared to be some heavily weathered torture devices. We have no idea what to do or how operate them, but we all would love to see how they were in their prime and how they operated. That must also explain the pit also nearby, to put the bodies. Not to judge a race of people, but they have a different style to furnish parks with. There were also living quarters, similar to those across the whole country, but all of these had collapsed foundations. Enough on …show more content…

It was a long but narrow building, with multiple sections in the inside. There's plenty of petrified people every where, coming in full body, top torso, and other bits. The petrified people, we can’t confirm if its actual petrified flesh or plastic, either way it's still creepy. Next to those chambers there a section with multiple rooms that represent auditoriums, with plenty of chairs and a tattered cloth in front. Then down further in the black market there's a section for speculated footwear.For being old I will admit they’re stylish, but they don’t beat my specialized boots. From that this excavation, was very productive, and we obtained various results. After those days we think we got a deeper understanding of how people lived back in the early

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