Personal Narrative: Middle Schooled: An Academic Transformation

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Middle Schooled: An Academic Transformation

Transitioning to middle school was a difficult experience that taught me a skill that I will use throughout life. The jump from fifth grade to sixth grade is often challenging due to the change in teachers, learning environment, and pressure. In fifth grade I enjoyed a daily schedule of sports and social time with a small amount of time dedicated to homework. The fifth grade attempted to prepare me for middle school by giving me an increased amount of homework and more challenging material, however, faculty and administration still acknowledged that I was in elementary school and am not at an age where I should be given a large amount of homework. When I become a sixth grade student everything changed. …show more content…

My main method of learning how to effectively organize my work was to look at how my peers organized their homework. Many of my fellow students would make a checklist of all of their work and make sure that they had everything that they needed before they left. A lot of students also made a planned order to doing their assignment depending on the amount of time they thought the assignment would take. My solution was to use both of these methods and also add a timer to make sure that I kept myself on track during allotted time for homework. Ever since I created this new system for myself I have been able to not only keep track of my work but also do my work more efficiently and allowing myself to have more time to relax and participate in extracurricular activities. The method also helped me stay consistently efficient throughout seventh grade and I plan to use it in eighth grade due to my past success with it. In conclusion, the transition from fifth to sixth grade was not easy, however, it has had a positive impact on my organization skills which will be used throughout my student and adult

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