Personal Narrative: My Dad

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Grigio My dad is driving all the way to Minnesota to get a motorcycle. At least, that’s what I thought. He woke me and my brother up and showed us a picture of a motorcycle. To be honest, I thought that was what we were actually getting because we didn’t have any suitcases so it wasn’t a surprise vacation. I didn’t know we were getting a kitten. I did ask for one more than 5 times. My mom did show me a picture of a kitten that was ready to be adopted. Ok, I’m finished talking. Our parents threw us in the car and drove off. We stopped at Portillos in Chicago. They’re supposed to have the best hot dogs and fries. We ate there and went to Minnesota to “get the motorcycle.” My dad wanted to stop at Mcdonald's and get a milkshake for us. When

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