Personal Narrative: My Experience At Tuskegee University

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A major obstacle I had to overcome was transferring to Tuskegee University from another college and having enough money to pay for my education at Tuskegee. Although I am currently enjoying my experience at Tuskegee, it took many months of hard work and faith in order for me to enroll as a student.

When I originally enrolled at my former institution, I made the choice to attend because of financial reasons. My parents could not afford to spend any money for college due to my father being disabled and my mother working two jobs to make ends meet. They loved the fact that I received a full ride from this college as well as a job on campus. I did not want to attend this college, however, for the financial sake of my family, I grudgingly attended the college.
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I had an honest conversation with my parents and told them I had to leave the college and I wanted to attend a Historically Black College or University, like I originally planned in high school. My parents were fine with the decision, however, they informed me that they could not and would not be paying for my education and the financial burden would be on me. My second semester in college I focused on studying and talked with mentors and advisors about my feelings and plans. During that time I gained admittance to Tuskegee University and received a scholarship, however it was not the tuition scholarship I was hoping for. I continued working hard that semester, which lead me to raising my grade point average, that allowed me to receive the scholarship I had faith in
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