Personal Narrative: My Experience In Foster Care

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I remember being taken away from my mother at age seven. My brother was only a year old when we were separated. We were ripped away from her arms and placed in foster care. I can recall that day clear as a crystal. My throat felt constricted as I yelled out for my mother, my eyes were red and puffy from all the crying, my knees bruised because I refused to be taken away. From then out my life tumbled down. I could no longer protect my brother, I could not be there to wipe my mother’s tears away. I was alone and frightened. Now that I look back at my experiences in foster care it made me stronger. As of today I am more grounded, and able to go through life with a new lense. I got to experience foster care and am able to empathize with those who have gone through it as well. …show more content…

I only spent two nights with my first foster parent. She was genuinely sweet and helped me cope with the fact that this was only temporary. After a few days we went to visit my mother at rehab. We held each other tight and cried our sorrows away. Spilling all the sorry’s and I love you’s while we had the chance. Everything turned for the worse when we were driving back to my foster parent’s house. In a matter of seconds the front of the car was engulfed in flames. She was calling out to me to help her unbuckle her seatbelt, it was jammed. I escaped the car and started yelling until the neighbors scooped me up. I never heard from her again. I was released back into foster care. This time I was even more anxious to be put into a new family. I had no mother to turn to, and no one to help

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