Personal Narrative: My First Professional Development

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My first professional development was a field trip with Ms. McGovern’s 3rd Grade class to watch the Orlando Philharmonic’s concert made especially for elementary kids. Through a powerpoint and narration from the conductor and our host, students were introduced to many classical pieces, including “Night on Bald Mountain” and “The Firebird Suite”, as well as the theme to Jurassic Park. For certain pieces, such as a piece from Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life or a piece from Swan Lake, they would also incorporate opera singers and ballet dancers. One of the highlights of the concert was when the audience got to participate by singing along to “What a Wonderful World”. Overall, this was a concert that seemed to know its audience would need more …show more content…

McGovern had actually shown the class a little video online about John Williams’ music to help them learn about patterns in math, but she could have easily tied it to not only the eventual concert, but into literature by emphasizing that music helps set the tone and mood of a story. In order to cement the point a little bit more, I probably would have liked to show them clips from Fantasia, if I were allowed to, since it’s the perfect example of how classical music can be used to create images based off of the mood implied by the music. I would probably enlist the music teacher’s help in explaining major and minor chords to them to add a little more musical depth into this conversation. I would probably also try to find movie clips where I could replace the music with music that might change the tone entirely. While it’s from a different medium, knowing how music impacts the mood of a film can help transition certain students into understanding how certain words and descriptions can change the mood of a written …show more content…

Finding out how many ways I could be involved in the arts in a community tells me that there’s many ways I could introduce my students to the arts. Studies have shown that students who are involved tend to have higher test scores and are less likely to miss school. Being able to see what’s available can allow me to offer options to those who may love dance or might be a natural artist who would love to see their art on display at the center. As a teacher, I’d want to not just teach them whatever standards would be required by that year; I’d want to encourage their talents and interests and help them reach their fullest potential from that standpoint as

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