Personal Narrative: My Hero's Journey

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In drama, story telling, myths, a religious ritual, psychological development and even in life there's a hero's journey. The hero's journey is basically multiple steps describing the adventure of “The hero”. A hero to me is someone who has courage, who did something amazing, someone you can look up to. Even though I am not a typical hero there are times when my life follows the hero's journey with archetypes such as the herald, loyal companion , threshold guardian.

A herland is someone who usually appears in the beginning of the story and to announce the need for change in the hero's life. The herland invites the hero to accept the call to adventure. My herland’s were my parents. All my life all i could ever remember was being in Brooklyn New york . It was my home, my safe place. I knew so many people and loved brooklyn beyond belief. I also only ever gone to public school then one day that just all changed. That day my parents told me that i was moving to New jersey but not only that, i was also going to go to a christian school. My life was shifting in every way possible and it was hard for me.

A Loyal companion, protects hero at all costs, a trusty sidekick. When i first arrived that Abundant life academy i thought i would have no friends, i thought no one would like me. I was scared, alone. I was also …show more content…

They act as the one of the tests the protagonist must face in the journey. For me i believe my threshold guardian had to have been God. I doubted him so much for doing that to me. I hated the fact that i had to leave everything i knew and start all over and i blamed it all on God. But in 9th grade when we had our first all school chapel, Mr. Kuebler had said that we were all there for a reason, God placed us there. He was right, I can't be mad at God for doing his job, he had a plan for my life and this was apart of it. I just had to trust in God and I

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