The Hero's Journey Of A British Folklore

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Folklore are many stories that are passed down for many generations that include Legends, Myths, and Fairy Tale. Legends are a traditional story that were about historical events that has been changed to something that did not happen. Myths are traditional stories about early history, they often have supernatural beings. Fairy Tales are stories that have magical and imaginary creatures and lands, they are mostly told to children. A British Folklore is based on England traditions. Some stories can be traced back to their roots, while the origin of others is uncertain or disputed. British lore is community, life, and values, artfully expressed in myriad forms and interactions. Universal, diverse and enduring, it enriched the country and makes…show more content…
It’s a situation that represents a pattern of a human nature. The hero’s journey are stages of different adventures that the hero’s take. “The journey is one that has gained much praise and consideration of worth in the literary community” (). The hero’s journey can fit in any folklore, legends, myths, and fairy tales. In legends the hero’s adventure can be in a real place with realistic things. Myths in an adventure they can have a mythical creature in it. Then in fairy tales their adventures can be 100% false and have talking creatures that guide them. However legends have the strongest connection to the archetypal hero’s journey. Robin Hood for example had a normal life, he found a problem about the poor, he began to help them by becoming an outlaw to other. He puts his life on the line a lot doing what he does, but in the end he sees the smiles on the people’s faces. Robin Hood started out with an ordinary life learning how to hunt and fight. He noticed how the rich people treated the poor in a bad manner. They could hardly take care of their own families. So Robin went out and began to steal from the rich getting caught sometimes, but the skilled archer got out alive. He sells the things he take and gives the money to those who are in need of it.The journey helps the reader connect with the story by showing them how much time, work, and effort they put in it to get to their goal. Robin Hood took his time to train and find the people that he would take from. He didn’t have to put his life out on the line for the poor but wanted to help. He did what he thought was the best thing to do, and he succeeded with many poor

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