Personal Narrative: My Journey To Minnetonka High School

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In the summer of 2014, I moved from Honolulu, Hawai’i to Minnetonka, Minnesota. I had just finished my sophomore year of high school and moving to Minnesota was a terrifying, yet exciting endeavor. The summer passed by quickly once I joined the high-school’s girl’s swim team, and my junior year of high school began. The transition to Minnesota, specifically to Minnetonka high school, had been the hardest year of my adolescent life. Having to start all over again in a state I knew nothing about caused me to feel out of place, especially in school. However, I didn’t allow these feelings to drag me down, and instead, I used it as inspiration to strive academically. Looking back, I find that the ability to adjust to a situation is easier if one feels included. This past …show more content…

For instance, my friend introduced me to the greenhouse club, which grows and harvests vegetables and fruits year round. He also took me into downtown Madison where we explored the city. This sparked my interest in participating in the fine arts while attending UW. I plan on majoring in Anthropology, with a minor in theater. While researching the University, I found it has top-ranked Anthropology and Theater programs. I would like to take advantage of these programs during my time at UW by participating and being involved with the people and the research opportunities offered. Although majoring in this field is not set in stone, I know that whatever major and minor I end up pursuing, I will take advantage of the research and academic opportunities UW has to offer. Since UW is a Big Ten school, I know I will find an activity that is right for me. Whether this encompasses a recreational sports team for swimming, participating in a theatre performance group or taking part in an outdoor exhibition club, I know that during my time at UW, I will involve myself as a student both in and out of

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