Personal Narrative : My Last Day Of My Life

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I am quite the character. I am colorful yet dark, loud but quiet, introverted yet extroverted, adventurous yet lazy. It’s almost like I have two identities.
First off, I love playing tennis. Last Summer, I took a camp… for tennis. I was in it with my really good friend. At first, I wanted to dig a hole and hide, but I had the time of of my life. Each day we played fun games and learned tennis (of course) The final day, we did a one point tournament basically, you have one chance to get the point. If you miss the ball or don’t make it into the court, your opponent wins. I went against my really good friend. The odds of me winning were 1%. I coincidently, got the point. I won against a couple more kids. I don’t even know how I did, and then made it to the finals. This little boy was named Ethan, he was 7 or so, and I wanted to lose. I tried to get the ball out of the court and failed by an inch. And I won… I felt terrible. Anyway, I love tennis. Its one of my favorite hobbies. While I’m talking about sports, I also love biking and longboarding. Listening to music while doing those two things is my escape. Outside of school, I also play guitar and sing. About every four months I perform for my family and some other families. Music is my passion. I don’t know what I would do without it. Whenever I’m sad I pick the instrument and start playing a little something. I performed last Sunday, singing and playing “Castle on the Hill” by one of my idols, Ed Sheeran. I have never

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