Personal Narrative: My Life In Cancun, Mexico

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Personal Narrative On June 10, 2016, I was in Cancun, Mexico. It was absolute paradise: crystal clear water, white and flour-like sand, and delicious, all-inclusive food and drinks. Even though our resort was amazing, June 10 was the day I was looking forward to most. I would get to cliff jump, zip-line, snorkel, tube, and rope walk all in one day. My family, which included me, my brother, Connor, my sister, Allie, my uncle, Matt, his girlfriend Renee, my grandmother, my mother, and my father decided on our excursion two months in advance. We decided on a place called Xel-Ha, a more adventurous type of water park. It was all-natural and everything we did was in the ocean. They were all about preserving the beautiful ocean and its inhabitants. …show more content…

My mother and I shared a double tube and we set of down the canal. As we floated down, there were trees and plants on either side of us whose branches formed a cover around us. As we approached the end of the shade, I saw the huge cliffs on either side of us approaching and remembered the cliff jump. My heart picked up its pace automatically and I turned around to ask my mother if this was the part with the cliff jump. The answer was of course a yes. As we approached the terrifying cliff, I decided that I would do it. It was a rare opportunity if y six year old sister jumped from a forty foot cliff and I didn’t. As I waited in line, I thought of the worst possibilities that could happen in result of my jumping. I was fourth in line. What if I belly flop? Third in line. What if I hit the wall? Second in line. I am definitely going to break at least one bone on the ocean floor. My turn. The lifeguard counted me down and I jumped. I flew off the cliff and screamed. I absolutely loved it and went two more times and an additional three times on the next cliff down the canal. I was so proud of me and my family! Everyone in our group tried the jump, except for my grandmother who claimed she was too …show more content…

We had a quick lunch at the buffet and then we absolutely had to get back in the cool water. We decided to go snorkeling. By the time we all donned our snorkel gear, it was about 12:30. The crystal clear water was absolutely gorgeous! The land on either side of us was all green and covered in beautiful trees and plants. There were tons of fish below us, from dark grey to bright orange. There were all different species and a lot of huge schools. Some were out in the open, but others were hidden under rocks, bobbing with the current. After a wonderful twenty minutes of snorkeling, a huge fish swam like lightning past us with smaller fish trailing quickly behind it. It was very scary looking and about a yard wide by two feet tall. My brother and I chased after it but lost its trail thirty seconds into the chase. It was thrilling and terrifying at the same time. We later learned the fish was a barracuda and we were very happy that everyone got to see it! We then decided to head in on such a high note. On our way in, my brother claimed there was a creature moving sand on the bottom of the ocean. We all gathered around him and saw a huge stingray about three feet wide! We all marveled at it for a while then realized the danger and head

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