Personal Narrative: My Life In Houston

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From what I can remember my life began in Houston. I was born in Charleston, West Virginia, but moved to Houston before I turned two. I have an older brother and an older sister. I grew up in the Clear Lake area, and stayed there until I finished high school. My family is Catholic, so my parents raised me to be a person that follows the rules and tries to adhere to a moral code. While living in Houston there were relatively strict rules when I was younger that have since faded away. For example, they used to limit drinking pop by only the family drink it on Fridays and Saturdays, and we were only allowed to drink three cans each day. Although they had pretty clear ideas on how we should act, there was not much open communication about politics. …show more content…

Even still, I caught on rather early that my parents were Republicans. I remember at some point when I was in elementary school, I asked my mom about the difference between Republicans and Democrats. She compared them in a way that looked like liberal ideology was unfair compared to conservatism. She asked me whether or not it would be fair if I got an A on a test while someone else got an F, and I had to give up part of my grade so that both of us got a C on the test. I came close to crying and said that I didn’t know, even though I was pretty sure she was expecting me to say that it was not a fair deal. That one interaction was probably the longest one I had in Houston with my parents about politics. It was never something that was casually brought up in a conversation, and I never knew what politicians my parents supported. I could only guess that they just voted Republican in all the

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