Personal Narrative: My Life Outside Of School

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White walls reach towards me, greeting my nose with dying bodies from left to right. For the past six years, life outside of school was a broken record playing the same sad song, "she's have another seizure", "call 911", "she's sick again", and "he's sick now." As I entered the seventh grade, my family entered an ever-evolving world of crisis: brain tumors, uterine cysts, cancer scares, strokes, ...illness after illness. What first seemed like a difficult but singular challenge that would start and end with the seventh grade grew into something unimaginable -- a series of medical hardships for my entire middle and high school career.
These hospital white walls followed me everywhere, being a symbol of traumatic angst and perpetual depression. I strived to succeed in school, but I was blocked by the pressures of staying alert for MRI scan results and doctor evaluations. I tried to hide these walls deep inside of me because I didn’t want to be another sad story. This affected my school grades as I would sit in each class I didn’t want to accept the black and white formality of grades. Since I didn’t have control over the fluctuating circumstances of my family’s illnesses I didn’t want to …show more content…

I took the step to smile through my own sufferings as I stayed late for after-school tutoring and tried to conquer my trauma by slowly sharing my burdens with my school counselor and teachers. Witnessing my family members find joy, pushed me to become more resilient and persevere in my studies. Inspired by my family members, I was able to attain my highest GPA junior year by having a positive mentality.
Even though it was a difficult six years, I was able to ultimately break through the walls that once confined me. These white walls that were once closing in on me have now been begun to break -- I am learning to break

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