Personal Narrative: My Mother's Metamorphosis

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One hardship I have faced during my education was my mother’s diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2013. My father passed away in 2005, so I was completely reliant on my mother to have the role of both parents. In the summer before I got my driver’s license, we were driving along the road, and all of a sudden my mom started talking about how she couldn’t see the road. Her only option was trying to drive with one eye closed, as the car swayed between the lanes. Following this incident, her doctor ordered a brain scan that diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis. I did not want this disease to take my only remaining parent, and feared that it would. She began steroid transfusions, and was prescribed injections.
My mother was unable to keep her stress levels down, as her medication and neurologist visits were soon becoming incredibly expensive. Our financial issues increased when her work unit closed, terminating her job. She was forced to remove saved money to pay
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I constantly watch in awe as my mother never deprived herself of the areas of her life that brought happiness, even after her diagnosis. She still enjoys running and traveling, and does not let Multiple Sclerosis bring her down. Despite the pain and mental stress that occurred with both of these activities, she still heavily participates in them. She has inspired me to find what my passions are in life, and to never let go of those activities. I began to run, as I had been motivated by her efforts. Once I had built up enough strength, I signed myself up for a full marathon. My mother was supportive during my entire training, all the way to the 26.2 mile finish. I was able to prove to her that I had the strength to proceed during difficulty, with no intentions of giving up on my goals. I will show my gratitude by providing the same enthusiastic support to help her in the
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