Personal Narrative : My Old Neighborhood

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Mohammed AlSawadi
English 1-16
Sep14th, 2015
Personal Narrative 2
My Old Neighborhood
Have you ever looked back to a something that you did in your neighborhood when you were child? Generally, when we just look back to a something that we did when we were child we have a strength feeling, and just starting to ask ourselves why we did that and how we did that. Most likely we cannot find answers to our questions because we cannot think how and why we acted childlike behavior after we became adult. I have an embarrassing story that happened to me when I was child and that happened to me with one of my best friends Meshal in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, I and my friend Meshal were naughty boys, so we put our parents in many embarrassing situations. Because of brat we did a bad and embarrassing something that caused my dad beating me and Meshal.
In the summer of 2008, Meshal and I were very board. At that time, we were very interested in driving a car and our journey is driving a car. As 2008 was the first year that we can drive with our parents’ permission. Nevertheless, we often toke our parents’ car before that year without their permission and known even though we will be in terrible if they had known. However, I asked my dad to take the car and went out with my friend, and then “take the car, but do not drive or touch your grandfather’s car” my dad said. He said that because he knew that I liked to drive my grandfather’s car more than his car because my

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