Personal Narrative: My Overall Experience With Scenarios

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Overall Experience with Scenario:

I played the ‘Scenario A’ simulation four times and I ended up getting scores and results that were not too far apart from each other. On my third attempt, I was actually satisfied with the results, however I wanted to know if I made certain tweaks, if my score would improve. On my fourth attempt, I made bolder tweaks and ended up getting my lowest score. Each time I learned that the smallest change could have a profound effect on the end result. My biggest challenge was to not go over budget, although when I did go over budget, it was not a significant amount. I spent a long time playing each attempt because I was trying to analyze each section by trying to play it out in my head before I pressed proceed to the next week. I was only behind schedule in the first through third week. I made sure to not stay behind schedule over a long period or towards the end. When I was behind, I made sure that the teams were allowed to work overtime or I added another team member, while using extensive outsourcing. My teams were either content
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Like I mentioned in my management strategy, I thought I would get away with going a little over budget if I were deliver a superior product three weeks early. I knew that since it was my goal to provide the printer three weeks early that I needed to have a realistic team size with reliable skill levels. My lowest score was when I only had team size of three, medium-high level of skills. This decision made my team start off behind schedule within the first three weeks, however keeping me only two dollars each week over budget. My highest score was when I had a team size of four with medium-high level of skills. This caused me to be about four hundred and twenty dollars over budget each week. I figured my argument would be that not only did my team provide a level four product but also we delivered it on week
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